Saturday, October 30, 2010

late night: When Novachord & Theremin meet!

The Hammond Novachord is considered to be the world's first commercial polyphonic synthesizer. Only 1069 examples were built over a period stretching from 1939 to 1942. It is one of the rare few electronic products released by Hammond that was not intended to emulate the sound of an organ.

Leon Theremin patented the famous Theremin in 1928. The instrument is controlled without contact from the player. The controlling section usually consists of two metal antennas which sense the position of the player's hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude (volume) with the other.

What happens when these two vintage instruments from a different age come together for a duet? D. A. Wilson and Thomas Grillo recently gave it a try! None, or very few have done it before. The result is a very modern, futuristic, space sounding music! Quite haunting and beautiful at the same time...

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